Bulk Ingredients

Omega 3 Rich Flax oil………..

  • Flax oil, the richest plant based source of ALA omega 3 , is considered by many researchers, scientists, and nutritionists as the most important health promoting supplement next to vitamins.
  • Flax oil, as an added ingredient, can boost Omega 3 content of processed foods to excellent source of omega 3 for USA labeling and source of omega 3 for Canadian labeling. Because our flax oil is very rich in Omega 3, little is needed to boost processed food with Omega 3.
  • Shape Foods, through its’ proprietary technology, produces the purest, tastiest flax oil that has unrefrigerated shelf stability no other producer replicates.

Available in 20 litre Pails, 200 litre Drums, and 1000 litre totes

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Gluten free, nutritious Flax Meal………….

  • Flax meal is rich in Omega 3, lignans, protein, and fibre – and it is gluten free! It is used widely in baked products such as flax bread and muffins.
  • Pet food industry utilizes flax into premium dog food formulations.
  • Flax meal is also ideal for gluten free formulations of tortillas, pasta, pizza and many other everyday food products that need a high fibre, gluten free alternative.

Available in 22.7kg/50lb bags or 750kg/1650lb Tote bags

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